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Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp 71 inch Extra Wide Pet Ramp Holds 200LBS, Black/Yellow(Reflective) Extra Wide Review

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp 71 inch Extra Wide Pet Ramp Holds 200LBS, Black/Yellow(Reflective) Extra Wide Review


Model: PG9300RF



    • High-visibility reflective material aids in guiding your pet up and down the ramp
    • Side safety reflectors allow for maximum visibility when the ramp is in use
    • Slip-resistant surface provides sure footing and rubber grippers on bottom help keep ramp steady
    • Easy fold for compact storage and built-in handle for portability
    • Dimensions: 71″L x 19.5″W x 4″H; suitable for pets up to 200 pounds
    • Please scroll below and read “From the Manufacturer” for exciting features



PG9300RF Reviews

“Works Well For 80 Lb Lab. Strong, stable. ”

My lab is about 12 years old and has been having a hard time jumping into my truck that the past few months.Until now Ive been picking up him and placing him on the chair each time. Not a huge chore, but the older man isnt a fan of being picked up that much.I arranged this ramp to utilize when Im too tired to pick him up or when I sporting clothing I dont want to get covered in dog hair. It works as described. 25 minutes of instruction flat on the floor, then against the couch and finally the truck up and he goes it up pretty well now.PROs:Does exactly what is sold to perform. Creates a steady ramp from ground to door sill in my truck for the dog to walk up.Easily supports an 80 pound dog.Wide sufficient that hell not to step off by accident.Pretty compact for a lasting ramp that folds into three sections and can support so much weight. It easily fits in a trunk, on the back seat of any car or in the bed of a truck/SUV. Has a built in carrying handle and a locking swivel that retains the ramp from unfolding by itself when stored.The surface is pretty much sand paper glued to the surface. Easily replaceable when worn off.Rubber grips on borders of ramp so it doesnt slide onto the floor or outside the vehicle.CONs are the obvious things:Its not tiny. But in its own defense its a 70 inch long ramp, 20 inches wide made of plastic that can hold a 200 pound dog. Have you been expecting it to fit in your purse? Folded up its about a foot thick, 20 inches wide and just over two feet long.It weighs about 29 lbs. Might be a little heavy and bulky to get a weaker person. Then again, in case you’ve got a dog at the size range that requires this ramp, you ought to be able to control the dog too. If you cant pick up this ramp, you cant control your dog either when it bolts. Consider it.The installed sand paper wears pretty quickly it sounds. Youll need to replace it with your own sticky sandpaper eventually.

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp 71 inch Extra Wide Pet Ramp Holds 200LBS, Black/Yellow(Reflective) Extra Wide Review | PG9300RF Review


“It had been Broad Enough To Make Him And Me Comfortable Regarding Footing”

I purchased this for my own 11-year-old large (80 pound) Lab mix who may no longer jump into my Outback. I also wanted it to help his transition from ground to vehicle after back surgery (him, not me). He’s too heavy for me to lift and following several days of slow habituation, he had no qualms about using it. The surface is no-slick sand-paper-like and he lost his bottom, which could have frightened him. It was broad enough to make him and me comfy regarding footing, especially because his hindquarters were losing coordination due to the back problem.I started by putting the ramp folded into the more compact length flat on a floor at a narrow hallway where he would have to walk over it to get to where he wanted to move. After two weeks, I opened it into the next section; following three days I opened it all the way.Next, I placed the double length on the first measure of my stairway to the upstairs where we sleep. I blocked the sides that he would need to walk up the ramp into the second step. Following two nights that I opened it all of the way and put it on the second measure. The next two nights I placed it on the next step. I never trained him to use it ; just made it a routine part of access to areas he wanted to reach. I never made a big deal of his using it and that I walked on it he could follow.The next afternoon I introduced the dip into the automobile and with stinky cheese, urged him to walk all the way to the cargo area of the car. He did so without a blink. I took him to a few of our favourite areas–a lake using a natural route for a walk. This way he associated the ramp using a new freedom to have the ability to get into the car again and move someplace fun.By time I needed to load him for his trip to the hospital for back surgery, he knew the ramp meant he would go with me everywhere. By loading the association of the ramp with agreeable experiences prior to the hospital trip, he didn’t separate the encounter and connect the ramp with the vet office. Mission accomplished!Great merchandise; wide, non-slip, hardy, did not wobble or creak, never slipped off the bumper (a sure means to instill fear in a puppy). Simple to fold up, not too heavy, easy to keep. Strong sections when folded all of the way out–no rebound. Bought sight unseen but I am quite impressed! Fantastic value price-wise too.

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp 71 inch Extra Wide Pet Ramp Holds 200LBS, Black/Yellow(Reflective) Extra Wide Review | PG9300RF Review