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Pet Loader Ultra Light 14.5″ Platform, 4-Step Review

Pet Loader Ultra Light 14.5″ Platform, 4-Step Review


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    • No injury to dog or yourself
    • Easily folded, carried, stored
    • Low angle of ascent/descent and wide decks eliminates fear
    • Weighs 20 lbs., 20″ to 30″ vehicle height
    • Works in SOME side entry vehicles with an opening width of 17″ or more



Product Reviews

“Super Product! American Made! Give Your Dog A Boost! ”

Its not frequently Ive come across a product with a layout this nicely thought out, so powerful and so easy to use. In addition to this, its American made. Sadie is nearly 10 and quite peppy for her era. But in talking with her vet on our last visit he implied that just because she can jump up and down in the 36 height of my Expeditions back seat didnt mean she must. It was just stressing her joints and may lead to an injury. Im really pleased to have encounter this Pet Loader. The same as from the sites video, I grab with both handsand throw it out from the rear hatch and lay the top step across the opening in one movement. Sadie trots down the stairs and back up if it’s time to go. I just fold it and lift it back in with the handle. My wife puts it on the ground, lifts the top step up to the opening, then has no difficulty folding it and placing it back into the truck. Bravo to a revolutionary American made product!

Pet Loader Ultra Light 14.5″ Platform, 4-Step Review | B00MFXD10Q Review


“Best Product Out There, Coming From Somebody Who Has Tried Them All. ”

LOVE LOVE LOVE! My pet is 80 points, skittish, also has a torn ACL. Getting her to my SUV is a nightmare. Ive tried all types of products and methods. I eventually had given up and decided I would only have to lift her every time. This item is easy, easily stored and puppy friendly. It fits in the rear of my car without taking up much space. It really easily shines out. This was my problem with goods in the past. It took several minutes to acquire the product setup that it made it not worth it. Not the pet loader-it takes MAX of 10 minutes. Its light and easy. My pet is skittish so these products to the vehicle typically dont work. But after about 5 minutes, despite her torn ACL, she was going down and up. It definitely is pricy, I got it as a gift because I kept going back and forth on the purchase. SO HAPPY with it.

Pet Loader Ultra Light 14.5″ Platform, 4-Step Review | B00MFXD10Q Review


“I Feel These Steps Are a Good Deal Better Than The Ramps”

I think these measures are a lot better than the ramps. The dog has no problem going up and down since they don’t have the incline of the ramp. It’s easier on the dogs plus he does not worry about slipping on a ramp. It folds up easily and it enters the back of the automobile. It does take up some space in the back but we put other stuff on top of it if needed. It’s well constructed. It is clear there was thought put into the design.

Pet Loader Ultra Light 14.5″ Platform, 4-Step Review | B00MFXD10Q Review